Wednesday Morning Questions

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Pass around a bible (blue ones are available on the side) or just the passport book, and read Acts 2:1-15,37-47a.

Background: this story is the fulfillment of the Babel story. Here God anoints everyone in the holy spirit to bring them back together in spite of their differences, to hear Christs sermon and whiteness the power of God in their midst.

Pentecost was a celebration of the harvest and a time to give thanks to God for the fruits of the land. In  this story, Pentecost serves as the formation of the kingdom of God under Christ. 

What does it mean that God would bring together (vs 1-12) to manifest Christ’s kingdom in the world, even though everyone coming together doesn’t think, act, speak, or believe the same things?

In verse 37 Peter demands repentance and baptism in order to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Consider these questions:

What words of advice would you give to your congregation after reading this passage?

Where do you see the Sprit at work in your congregation?

What is your thought about life among the believers as described in verses 43-47? Is that something that intrigues you? How would your home church respond to this? What about your youth group? Or your family?

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